Habere-Poche village

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habere-poche-ete-1693habere-poche-village summer vallee vertehabere-poche-village winter vallee verte
Habère-Poche is the highest village of the Vallee Verte (950 to 1600 m high).
The origin of the name Habère is not very precise; some award it to the Latin name habere (have) and to live, meaning "possessions" or "houses" of the Abbey, others award it to an old  word " alberge " meaning shelter, inn, because of its location surrounded by 4 passes ("col de Cou,  col des Moises, col des Arces and col de Terramont") and by the summits all around it : "La pointe de Targaillan, l'Aiguille, le Mont Forchat, la Turche, la montagne d'Hirmentaz and la pointe de Miribel".
The word "Poche" would be due to the shape " in basin " of the village. It  consists of some 25 hamlets. Its population is 1193 inhabitants and its surface of 1196 ha.

Located at equal distance from Annemasse, Thonon-les-Bains and the Lake of Geneva (25 km) and at 30 km from Geneva, Habère-Poche offers all the charm and the authenticity of the mountain villages, for a break all year round in the heart of a site and of a tradition protected. Numerous activities during the summer months at Habère-Poche: hiking, discovery of the 4 thematic paths " Secrets de fées " (plateau des Moises), gliding (unique site in Haute-Savoie), trail around with pony or horse, walk along  with donkey, visit of the Moises farm( goat farm), the summer chairlift, the descent with mountain bike along the Menoge river... The mountain is accessible to everyone, and the Lake of Geneva is quite close.... a natural destination as everyone like it!
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